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Welcome to the official homepage of the SHI Homeopathic College!

SHI house of homoeopathy

The SHI Homeopathic College was founded in 1993 by the internationally renowned Dr. Mohinder Singh Jus. Over the years, the college has advanced to the forefront of homeopathic education in Europe, and is the first state-accredited institution of its kind in Switzerland. Today, the college’s reputation goes beyond just the Swiss borders, attracting students from all over Europe. The college focuses on teaching the art and science of classical homeopathy. The passing of a law to anchor complementary medicine into the Swiss healthcare system in 2009 has opened the doors to new education and career possibilities and the SHI Homeopathic College is at the forefront of this movement.

The college is part of the SHI House of Homoeopathy which unites education, treatment, research, production and the sale of homeopathic remedies under a single roof, providing students with an optimal, integrated learning environment.

Nine highly qualified homeopaths work under Dr. Jus in the SHI clinic. Thanks to the close link between the homeopathic clinic and the school, the courses offered are extremely practice-oriented, giving students an insight into the real world application of homeopathy and the treatment of patients.


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